Adventure Time Princess Maker

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Made by @wtflanalux

*PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to use images of this game where ever you like, but please do not upload the flash file onto your blog or website. Thanks!*

Make your own Adventure Time Princess – This is Version 4.

I'd love to see screenshots of what you make! If you want to add it as a deviation or use it as an adoptable, you have my permission (not sure if you'd need permission from the creators of Adventure Time though).



- Fixed update bugs – let me know if you spot any others! :)

- Elsa hair and face
- Pig tails
- Half shaved head haircuts
- Khaleesi hair and clothes
- More skin colours
- Glasses
- More tattoos
- New faces (including Rainicorn and Cake)
- Bathing suits
- New backgrounds
- Ties
- Tails and ears (pony, cat, bunny)
- New swords
- New shoes, pants and shirts
- Other stuff! :)