Retro Sonic Character Maker

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Ohhhh wow

I worked on this for months. Not constantly, but I had anticipated getting it done in a day... a week at most.

No, I soon figured out it would take FAR longer than that.

I did start this project for fun, but I'm somewhat pleased with how it came out. I know the fans who appreciate retro Sonic and the people who get a lot out of dollmakers probably don't cross over that much, but this was fun (at least when Flash wasn't locking up or something).

Erm, I think it's mostly glitch free and in working order, but since its so damn big and complex, I'm not totally sure. If you find anything unusual or wrong, please tell me in a comment (and provide as much info as you can, like what screen you were on, what you clicked before and after the problem occurred, etc.)

Keep an eye out for hidden stuff too! There are a couple cameos by famous Sonic-related comedy icons hidden around here.

Most of the backgrounds are from stuff I'm sure is quite well known, but in case anyone's curious, Crystal Frost is from the canceled Sonic Xtreme game: [link]@

Land of Darkness is from the Sonic movie which you should watch right now if you haven't already. It can be found quite easily on Youtube.

Also, I know it probably takes forever and a half to load. This thing is pretty gigantic. If I had a stable internet connection and wasn't totally sick of looking at that hedgehog I'd see if there was any way to slim it down a bit, but... well, I don't.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to add: Feel free to upload what you make with this, here or elsewhere, if you'd like. :) You can make the designs into characters, you can use it as a ref sheet, whatever you want. Just give credit, don't try to... somehow find a way to make real cash profit off of this. I can't even begin to imagine how you would, but don't do it. xD

EDIT: According to the DA admins, stuff made with flash makers like this should be submitted to Scraps.