The Diner

Arkádovky | Detské | Šport

Your hungry customers are eager to have a delicious breakfast or a yummy snack! You are the waiter and you must be alert to what your customers order. Your goal is to keep your customers satisfied by delivering what they order quickly and accurately.

If you take to long or you don't deliver what they ordered, they will lose patience. So watch out for the PATINECE LEVEL BAR underneath each order. Make sure not to allow that bar to reach the end, If you do, you will lose your customer.

To fulfill an order, watch the ORDER PANELS above the customers. They will tell you what each customer is ordering. Then, using your mouse, click an item to place it on the tray. Once all the items the custom wants are ready, click the customer the order is for to complete the order.

Remember to be fast and accurate...that is the key to keep your customer's satisfaction level high!
Good Luck and Enjoy!!!